For much of their history, CNCs tended to be closed, proprietary systems. A machine shop that wanted additional functionality needed to spend a lot of time, money, and effort working with a distributor to develop and integrate that new functionality.

The Okuma THINC-OSP platform is markedly more open than CNCs of the past. A Windows-based PC platform, compatible with off-the-shelf Windows software, the THINC platform allows easier programming, and integration with other systems via USB or Ethernet.

Screenshot of the Okuma App Store


Okuma’s THINC API is a software library that allows development of software that can interface with the THINC CNC. With the THINC API, a .NET software developer can access tool offsets, common variables, part programs, and much more.

For examples of what THINC API can do, visit the Okuma App Store, which lists applications that:

  • Pop-up scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Lock out access to certain NC screens
  • Send you an alert whenever the machine is at alarm
  • Monitor coolant levels
  • Verify that an operator has opened the clamp to flip a part

THINC Development and Integration

Is your use case not covered by those examples? THINC API may still be able to fill your needs.

Through THINC API, a software developer can access virtually any relevant data on an Okuma THINC-OSP control. This allows a software developer to create a solution customized to your machine shop’s process.

If you can define what you need, it may be possible to develop a THINC App to handle it.

Is there a .NET developer in your shop? The THINC API is a .NET library that comes with documentation and a complete sample application.

Are you willing to learn a little bit of programming? Using the free Visual Studio Express Edition, it’s easy to write basic code to “glue” your process together.

Even if your shop has no programming expertise whatsoever, you can still potentially take advantage of the power of the THINC platform. Contact your Okuma distributor — let them know your needs. Find a Distributor


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