I bought a Chromebook. Why would I buy a Chromebook?

Actually, I’ve been using this Acer C720 for about three weeks, and so far I’ve been pleased. Since my netbook died a couple years ago, I haven’t had a lightweight device with decent battery life. I don’t care for tablets: I like a device with a built-in keyboard. The Chromebook fills this role well.

For now, I’m using a stock installation: no developer mode, no chrooted Linux. The vast majority of my usage is web browsing and writing. The only option for web browsing, unsurprisingly, is Chrome, but it’s been my default browser for quite awhile.

For writing, there’s no lack of choice for text editors on the Chrome web store. Usually I like to use a markdown editor, but for now I’ve been using Caret. It provides basic plaintext editing with syntax highlighting. In theory, it has a plugin system, but I’m still trying to figure out how to write a plugin for it — my biggest complaint is the inability to view word count for selected text, rather than the entire document.

(Of course, if you need word processing capabilities, there’s Google Docs. )

Downside: there’s still no IDE on par with Visual Studio. With my desktop machine out of commission recently, I have no means of developing Windows applications. Sigh.


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