Slashdot Beta

Yes, I admit it — I still read Slashdot. I have a certain fondness for it: I remember lurking there way back in the far distant past of my high school days. Fourteen years later, it’s one of the few sites I visited back then that is still around.

Over the years, Slashdot has been through a few changes. Recently they started rolling out a new look. Slashdot Beta has been polarizing, to say the least.

As a loyal lurker, I present my modest review of Slashdot Beta here, in pictorial form. My comments are written in Comic Sans font, so that they may be taken with all the seriousness they deserve.

First, a look at an article page. Even though most of the fonts have been enlarged, it is much harder to locate things like the article title, post date, etc.

Click the image to enlarge.

Next, a look at the comments. The heart of Slashdot was always its discussion comments. Sure, it had a few problems with moderation, but the new Beta comments section seems to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

That’s a real shame — I visit Slashdot for the discussion on the articles, not for the articles themselves. Slashdot Beta is virtually unreadable in this respect.

Click the image to enlarge your — oh, sorry, was browsing my spam folder

So what alternatives would I propose? For now, I would probably leave well enough alone.

But, in the spirit compromise, if Slashdot must change, here are some changes that I think would actually be in-line with the spirit of the site.

Eat Me.

What a trainwreck. All good things must come to an end, I suppose.


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